Coffey Sculling SimulatOar On Special



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Coffey Sculling SimulatOar™ On Special:

This sculling simulator provides the same range of motion, feathering and squaring up of the oar handle as in a boat. Foot stretchers are adjustable in fore and aft position. The height and the inboard of the oar handle is adjustable as well. This unit has a set of floats, which makes the unit dynamic. The the springs on the floats provide the same feeling as being on the water. Also included is a C2 PM5 Monitor for performance feedback.

The shipping from the manufacturer has been discounted. This is a fully assembled unit, never used and requires Customer pick-up at Durham Boat Company, Inc. in Durham, NH 03824. Note: There is only one in stock!

Click this link, to see the unit in action.


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