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    Spring Specials:

      2015 Rec-Racer: With the purchase of the new Rec-Racer in stock and a set of standard modulus adjustable length sculling oars, you will receive 20% off the list price on standard modulus sculls. The boat is equipped with Dreher carbon single action twill seats mounted on tracks 30cm apart, Dreher hollow top mounted wing carbon wing rigger, the Dreher three-way adjustable foot stretchers with your choice of shoe size. For more information on this shell on sale, see the Dreher Rec-Racer and for the adjustable sculls on Special, see the Dreher High Performing Competition Sculls and/or call. Item #: 06A02-S1

    • Two 2015 Echo Recreational 1x: The Echo shells that we have in stock are new inventory. The Echo specs are as follows: Length = 18'; Waterline Length = 17' 3"; Beam at the deck = 26", Beam at the Waterline = 21"; Weight fully rigged = 47 lbs and only available in yellow and white as shown. They have the carbon reinforced folding riggers. The price of the boat is: $4,437.00. When purchasing an Echo, the price of a set of standard modulus sculls is 15% off the list price of the sculls. The Echo comes with a Dreher carbon fully asseembled seat with a Dreher Carbon Seat-top. These boats are these boats are great for those of you that can row all winter. With cold air and water temperatures, a boat like the Echo, will provide more stability and piece of mind. See the package price of the Echo at the above price and the adjustable sculls together: See Item #: 07A70-S

    Spring Rowing Hardware or Accessory Specials:

    All the items listed below, can be purchased along with many other rowing parts, accessories by shopping in our Online Store. The part numbers have been listed below to help you quickly find the items on Special after going to the online store.

    • Spring Specials: Single Action Seat Wheels: Featured this month 5 sets of four single action seat wheels. They work on BBGís, Resoluteís, Hudsonís 1xs, Empacherís, Pocockís, Fluidesign, Filipi,ís Sykesí, Van Dusenís and more) for $220.00. (12.0% discount). If you want more then the minimum 20 wheels indicate the total amount in the "Notes Section" of the online order. Buy online, select Part # 05A41S.

    • Spring HardWare Special: 2 pair of Martinoli Grips This special offers 2 pair of Martinoli grips in any of the following colors: Green, Blue, or Red (15% discount). Buy online, select Part # 01P73S2

    • Spring Accessory Special: Black Sorbothane Seat Pad: To ease the pain of long training sessions. This seat pad is the choice of many serious rowers. (13.3% Discount) Part # 08A28ABFS

    Catalog, Pricing & Ordering Information:

    • Durham Boat Company, Inc. has its complete and comprehensive catalog online at the following web address, where you will find detailed product information, technical information as well as our Price List and Order Form:


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    • Above Specials Last updated: April 3, 2016
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