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    Featured Items And Fall Specials:

    Featured Recreational Shells

    • Three New 2015 Echo Recreational 1x: The Echo that we have in stock are brand new inventory: They have are the carbon reinforced folding riggers. For more information, see the following Echo link. The boat's Special Price is $4,300.00. See Part # 07A07, with standard modulus adjustable sculls, which your choice of options, will be offered at 10% off our list price, when purchased with the Echo. The boats all are equipped with our large carbon seat with no upcharge for the carbon seat: (i.e., a savings of $137.00). These boats are good for those of you that can row all winter. With cold air and water temperatures, a boat like the Echo, will provide more stability and piece of mind.

    Highlighted Accessories:

    Featured Accessories Either New or on Special:

    All the items listed below, can be purchased along with many other rowing parts, accessories by shopping in our Online Store. The part numbers have been listed below to help you quickly find the items on Special.

    • New The Hyndsight Vision Systemsteering aid presently is being distributed by the Durham Boat Company. The system consists of a high definition camera, monitor, two mounts, chargers, antennas and a case. The monitor is especially good is bright sunlight. Since their introduction at the HOCR, they have been very popular. The Hyndsight CRUZ is available for blind boats and coxed boats alike. In a bow coxed four the system can be set up for the coxswain to be able to view the crew's blade work. One monitor can support up to 8 cameras so that blade work can be viewed from the stern view or bow view. One camera comes standard with the purchase. If extra cameras are desired each extra camera is $100.00. The HSV can also be put in the bow of and eight to help the coxswain see around a bigger crew and avoid crashes in the blind spot. In the off-season the HVS can be used in the front mode to monitor off-season indoor training or as a personal aid to help solve a specific technique issues. Buy online, select Part # 08A601.

    • New from NK The Durham Boat Company stocks both Model the SPC GPS II, Part # 08A84 and GPS II with Training Pack without the HR belt. See Part # 08A85 where you can wirelessly down load your data to a PC. If you need the HR belt included, select Part # 08A86. If you need and "A" or "T" add Part # 08A87.

    Accessories On Special:

    • Over-Wrap: 5 Rolls for $10 for use either on sculls, sweeps or indoor rowing equipment to keep your grip clean and fresh. Pick five of one color or the assortment pack. Colors on Special are Pink, Purple, and Lt. Blue. Easy to install, 1.5 inch by 5 yard roll. (10% Discount) Part # 02P69BS

    • Row-Wik: The featured colors are is Red, Blue and Yellow! The special price is $24.00 ($4.00 discount) for two pair of sculling grips or two pieces of sweep grip wrap. Buy online, select Part # 01P70S (sculling) or Part # 02P70S

    • Black or Red Sorbothane Seat Pads: To ease the pain of long training sessions. This seat pad is the choice of many serious rowers. The discounted price is: $40.00 ($5.00 discount) Part #08A28AS

    • EyeGlass/Hat Brim Mirror: To aid in steering to be attached with either glasses, sunglasses or your favorite ballcap or visor. The discounted price is $13.50 (10.0% discount). Buy online, select Part # 08A06S.

    • Four Pair of Martinoli Grips: Featured this month, 4 pair of Martinoli Grips in any of the colors shown below except black. The special price is: $57.8 (15% discount). Buy online, select Part # 01P73S.

    Catalog, Pricing & Ordering Information:

    • Durham Boat Company, Inc. has its complete and comprehensive catalog online at the following web address, where you will find detailed product information, technical information as well as our Price List and Order Form:


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    • Above Specials Last updated: October 31, 2015
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