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    More Holiday Specials:

    Featured Sculls:

    • Dreher Adjustable Sculls: See the following Link The following standard modulus, non-Aerodynamic adjustable sculls are included: Apex (see below), BB2198, LBB, and Apex-R. This special applies through the end of year. To purchase online, select Part # 01A01S.The rig will be 286/88 +/- 5 cm. We are providing a limited selection of Martinoli grip colors for online purchase. You may purchase more color and grip options if you call in your order. The price is 10% off our list price.

    Featured Recreational Shells / Accessories on Special:

    • Rec-Racer LD 1x: A Rec-Racer (Large Displacement) shell, while supplies last. The boat is made of carbon and also has a Dreher carbon seat, foot stretcher and wing rigger. For more information see the following DBC Rec-Racer link. The boat's Holiday Special Price is $5,695.00 or 5.0% discount off of the list price. Call to order and consider optional upgrade: Hollow carbon wing, snap-in foot stretchers, NK Training Aids (HR GPS and GPS) and Hyndsight CRUZ safety/steering aids, Dreher sculls and more.

    • WHITEHALL Sliding Rigger Oar Board™ For Use On SUPS & Sailboards - Holiday Special: The Whitehall Oar Board™ is a leading rowing unit manufacturer to convert either a SUP or Sailboard to a sliding rigger rowing boat. Such a unit is the best way to enter the sport of rowing. It is low cost and great for the entire family for fun and fitness. For more information please see: Whitehall, Oar Board™ Link. The monthly special price is: $805.00 (19.40% discount). Shipping to you final location is not included and the price is based upon your location relative to Durham, NH. Buy online, select Part # 07A50-S. Any set of sculls purchased with this Oar Board™ rowing unit purchased with this order is 10% off of the list price.

    Featured Racing Shells On Special:

    • Holiday Special on BBG Champion X and Olympia X Singles: We have an 85-100 kg. capacity Champion X (heavy weight) 1x for sale. The boat is constructed with carbon fiber with a honeycomb cored deck for added stiffness. The hull is clear-coated in the mold with fine black carbon weave used in the construction visible with a red deck and cockpit. The boats comes with Dreher carbon single action twill seats, Dreher side mounted two-stay carbon riggers and the Dreher three-way adjustable foot stretchers with bolt in shoes. The boat special price is $6,660.00. For more information on this shell and rigging options for the see the following link on the BBG Champion X Single. See See Part #: 06A67-S . The estimated price on 2015 CX 1xs is over $8,000.00.

      The Also available is one 100 kg. BBG Olympia X Single at the Special Price of $10,000.00. See Part #: 06A59-S. Note: The 2015 estimated price is over $12,000.00.

    Featured Accessories Either New or on Special:

    All the items listed below, can be purchased along with many other rowing parts, accessories by shopping in our Online Store. The part numbers have been listed below to help you quickly find the items on Special.

    • NewThe Hyndsight Vision System The Durham Boat Company is presently a distributor for Hyndsight Vision, which is a high definition steering aid for blind boats. The monitor is especially good is bright sunlight. Since their introduction at the HOCR they are flying off the shelf. The Hyndsight CRUZ is a great Holiday Gift. It is in limited supply, so purchase early. It is also excellent to view blade work in a bow coxed boat or as an off-season indoor training aid in the an indoor rowing tank. Buy online, select Part # 08A601.

    • See the new Holiday Special on Single Action Dreher Medium or Large Seats: Featured now (they are compatible with on BBG’s, Resolute’s, Hudson 1xs, Fluidesign’s, Filipi’s, Sykes’, Van Dusen’s shells and more) for $168.00. (10% discount). These seats are complete. You need to provide your track width and your overall seat height. Buy online, select Part # 05A01-S.

    • Single Action Seat Wheels: Featured now, One set of four Single Action Seat Wheels (they are compatible with on BBG’s, Resolute’s, Hudson’s, Empacher’s, Pocock’s, Fluidesign’s, Filipi’s, Sykes’, Van Dusen’s shells and more) for $45.00. (10.0% discount). These wheels are great for people that row in salt or brackish water. Buy online, select Part # 05A41-S.

    • One Set of Red, Green, White Nite Row Lites:Comes with the 3 lights with light dispersion cones for better lateral visibility. All light come with rubber straps to attach to riggers, oars or bow/stern posts. Hang them on your tree or use them for stocking stuffers (13.3% Discount) Part # 08A78-S

    • Four Pair of Martinoli Grips: Featured this month, 4 pair of Martinoli Grips in any of the colors shown below except black. The special price is: $57.8 (15% discount). Buy online, select Part # 01P73S.

    • Over-Wrap: 5 Rolls for $10 for use either on sculls, sweeps or indoor rowing equipment to keep your grip clean and fresh. Pick five of one color or the assortment pack. Easy to install, 1.5 inch by 5 yard roll. (10% Discount) Part # 02P69BS

    • Daniel Boyne's: "KELLY - A Father, A Son, An American Quest (hardback Coffee Table Book). An inspiring story of Jack Kelly, son of immigrants who grew up in Philadelphia at the turn of the century who won three Olympic gold medals and went to turn his success on the water to success in business. The book is about him, his interesting family, including his brothers, daughter Princess Grace and son Jack Jr. upon whose shoulders was laid the greatest challenge of all. The discounted price is $26.00 Part #08A20S

    Catalog, Pricing & Ordering Information:

    • Durham Boat Company, Inc. has its complete and comprehensive catalog online at the following web address, where you will find detailed product information, technical information as well as our Price List and Order Form:


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    • Above Specials Last updated: December 8, 2014
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