ECHO Classic Open Water Rowing Shell – Demo On Special



The Echo rowing shell integrates numerous functions within its flowing lines. Designer Doug Martin’s simple hull form is easily driven in flat water while the 21″ waterline beam is reassuring and stable in rough water. Leaving a remarkably small wake at normal rowing speeds, the Echo will rise and skim like a powerboat when pushed by a strong rower.

The shell is designed around the Echo folding rigger system. Left completely rigged, it is easily transported by one person using the folded riggers as the carrying handles.

The Echo Folding Rigging System composite construction with Concept 2 locks. The rigger restraining strap – orange buckle doubles as Coast Guard approved whistle! A built in self, suction bailer is standard. There are carrying handles built into bow and stern as well. Also, there are two 12 feet pieces of line for tie down or tying to dock.

The standard foot stretcher is wooden clog and heel cup and heavy duty Velcro strap. We also offer a Dreher Carbon Foot stretcher as an optional item at an increased price.

The standard seat is fiberglass and foam composite, but a Dreher carbon seat is an optional item at an increased price.

The Echo specs are as follows: Length = 18′; Waterline Length = 17′ 3″; Beam at the deck = 26″, Beam at the Waterline = 21″; Weight fully rigged = 47 lbs.

Product Video