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    • Announcement - 04/29/15: Effective immediately we are making available the "Tool Free Adjustment" on all sculling as an option. For the last year or so, that adjustment system has only available on the Alpha sculls. However, due to high intestest, we had increase capcitiy so that we can make the parts in house to keep up with increased demand. This revolutionary method of quickly being change the gearing on the sculls and and also replacing the bearing surface (i.e., sleeves) assembly easily is and exciting new change and as such offered on all sculls. It is fully explained in the following: Tool Free adjustment Paper (042916).

    • Announcement, Durham, NH 03/21/16 We are pleased to announce that Henry Palmer will begin working and Durham Boat Company in Sales and Marketing. In his new position he will target Sweeps, Sculls, and eventually Indoor Rowing Tanks. Henry with Assume the Position of Manager of Sales & Marketing of Rowing Related Product in the USA and UK. Henry will be based primarily in Boston. His last two positions were VP of Sales & Marketing, Wild Idea Buffalo Company, LLC from 06/11 until 03/16 and Union Boat Club - Head Rowing Coach from 01/11 through 10/15. We look forward to having Henry Palmer joining our Team. Please look for him out at the San Diego Crew Classic at the end of March where he will have a set of our Sweeps and racing there in two events.
    • A 10-Station Sculling/Sweep Tank was Installed In Norwalk, Ct - 01/23/16 : at the Maritime Rowing Club. This was the first tank of it size to be installed.
    • A 16-Station Sweep Only Tank was Installed In Canton,NY - 01/16/16 : at St. Lawrence University and installation began on January 12, 2016 and completed on January 16, 2016. See the Tank in Action.
    • An 8-Station Sweep/Sculling Tank was Installed In th UK - 12/12/15: at Molesey Boat Club. This was 2nd 8-station Dreher modular tank that was installed in the UK and third job overall tank job that Durham Boat Company participated in UK in the last 4 years.
    • Announcement - 10/16/15: Durham Boat Company, Inc. has a booth at the HOCR Oct. 16-18, 2015 just to down river side of the registration at FALS (Finish Line and Registration Area), where boat builders have their individual tents. Please visit us and see what's new opposite Hudson and New Balance. We have Burnham on one side and Teddie Peanut Butter on the other side as well. This year we have new and used sculls for sale and will be available to discuss indoor rowing tanks that coaches may have in mind. We also have a Coffey Rowing SimulatOar and the Hyndsiight Vision System on display as well as many other rowing parts and accessories.

    • Announcement - 08/08/15: Great Success at Junior World Rowing Championships with Jr. Sweep Team getting 3 medals with a bronze in the pair, a gold in the four and a bronze in the eight: The Jr. Women's 2- (Ashlyn Dawson (Annapolis, MD) and Arianna Lee (Folsom, CA) held off the German 2- in the final 500 meters to get the bronze medal. Then the USA Jr 4- (Kaitlyn Kynast (Ridgefield, CT), Dana Moffat (Manlius, NY), Marlee Blue (Seattle, WA) and Katy Gillingham (Seattle, WA) had a great start and powered through to win from wire to wire. Final the in Jr. eight's race the crew was in 4th place throughout but was able to sprint at the end to snag the bronze medal away from the Romanians. The Jr. women in the eight include the coxswain Hannah Malzahn (Edmond, OK), Shayla Lamb (Kent, CT), Lindsay Noah (San Francisco, CA), Julia Cornacchia (Darien, CT), India Robinson (Berkeley, Calif.), Kailani Marchak (Long Beach, Calif.), Abigail Tarquinio (Nashville, TN), Mariko Kelly (San Diego, CA) and Sarah Ondak (Denver, CO).

      Jr. Women in the the 4x and Jr. Men's rowed exceptionally well to get bronze and silver medals respectively. For a complete rundown JWC coverage, see Row2k.com

    • Announcement - 12/11/14: We have several noval sculling oars that are described in our new Dreher 2015 Oar Brochure. The Dreher Alpha designed by Michael Dreher, is immediately available for customers to place orders and the sculls can be shipped after the January 1, 2015. The unique feature of the Dreher Alpha blade is: The noticeable improvement for some at the catch. Also, others like that is the first oar with "tool free" inboard and outboard adjustment. Going forward changing the bearing surface of the sleeve can be done by hand. It is one of the best innovations since Dreher invented the adjustable handle feature in 1991. The feature allows both total length and outboard adjustment in the boat with the adjustment mechanisms as part of the oar. We will be at the Jim Joy, Joy of Sculling Conference this weekend 12/12/14 through 12/14/14 with that new sculling oar, the several carbon Rollar-Locks™ for sweep and sculling.

    • Announcement - 10/24/14: Durham Boat Company, Inc. installed its 31st Indoor Rowing Tank at Suffield Academy in CT. For more information on Dreher Indoor Rowing Tank Link. Also please our tank web site and on-line brochure. Durham Boat Company, Inc. is the largest worldwide manufacturer of modular, athlete powered tanks that can be configured to fit almost any sized space. There is no other tank on the market that can simulate the load seen in a rowing shell and yet can be rowed over 30spm using only athlete power!

    • HOCR Follow-up: We had a fantastic weekend! Thanks to all that stopped by to purchase or see what we had on display. Besides grips, the biggest sellers were sculls on HOCR Special, the Hyndsight CRUZ system (i.e., a camera for the boat), especially amongst people that had bad races due to steering. We also had a lot of action with Coffey Rowing SimulatOar™.

    • Announcement - 10/16/14: Durham Boat Company, Inc. has a booth at the HOCR Oct. 17-19, 2014 just to down river side of the big tent at FALS (Finish Line and Registration Area - Booth EB11), where boat builders have their individual tents. Please visit us and see what's new. This year we have full plate of new products and product enhancements. Do not miss our booth!

    • Durham Boat Company, Inc. is arranging a shipment of BBG Racing Shells: Olympia X Singles, Champion X Singles and Olympia 2xs and 4xs. The exchange rate is favorable again for importation. We are also sold out our both the OX and CX model of the singles in the small and mid-weight size. The singles can be purchased with a top mounted Dreher rigger (new lightweight aerodynamic design this fall; shown on the CX single to the left below) or side mounted Dreher carbon side mounted riggers. Also the crew boat can be purchase with an Aluminum wing rigger (not shown) or the Dreher Carbon Tubular Rigger (shown on the middle and right boats shown below) . Boats can be equipped with Dreher snap in shoes that can be used for cross training or standard boat shoes. All boats will also be equipped by Dreher seats, foot stretcher frame and fins of your choice of style. We will not be purchasing any boats on spec., just those purchased with firm orders. I order to get late spring delivery, your order must be purchased by November 15, 2014 .

    • Durham Boat Company, Inc. Is Very pleased to be a distributor of Hyndsight Vision Products. It is an awesome system! It provides you with greater safety in navigating and is perfect for setting the most direct course. It does not replace checking your course, but greatly helps in seeing what might be in your blind spot.

      You can place your order on line for the "CRUZ" Camera, sunlight-readable Monitor, two mounts (flush and rail mount), two chargers, a lens cloth and case: Electronic Price List" (Item #08A601) Other mounts that you might consider are are a custom carbon Tubular Mount Support (08A604); Tall Suction Cup (08A606) or CRUZ Monitor Mount (08A608). Also a Camera Tether is suggested (08A610). If you have any questions about whether additional mounts might be needed, please call us.

    • The USA Jr. 4- won their A/B Semi to qualify all the Jr. Women's all the Jr. Women's Sweep boat's for World Rowing Championship A Final on August 10th, 2014 in Hamburg, Germany: Dreher Sweeps used by the Jr. Women's sweep team are on on sale and are 10% to 20% off the list price. We have 8 sweeps still left from the batch (20% off) used in traning camp in Princeton and 16 sweeps (15% off) will be coming back from Jr. Worlds to be sold in the US market. Specs are: Apex-52 blade shape, Standard Stiffness Shaft, 373:114 +/- 5 cm rig, small handles with a red, blue or black Row-Wik wrap. The Jr. Women rowing with the Dreher Carbon Sweeps, in difficult condtions, came in 2nd in the four and third in pair in the A Final. Overall it was a very successful showing. The oars are back in Durham. If you are interested in a set of sweeps contact us ASAP.

    • Head of the HOOCH Check out our Booth at the HOOCH, November 2-3, 2013. Mike Sivigny will be manning the booth and racing there as well. We will have some used sculls for sale there along with items on display.

    • Congratulations to Patrick Sweeney, Head Women's Rowing Coach at K-State University and all of the people at K-State that made this state-of-the Intercollegiate Rower Center possible. This facility was dedicated this past weekend and features a Dreher - Durham Boat Company, Inc 16-station Indoor Rowing Tank. See: IRC Dedication. or see skip directly to photos of their impressive Intercollegiate Rowing Center K-State IRC Facility Shots

    • Announcement: Durham Boat Company, Inc. had a booth at the HOCR Oct. 18-20, 2013 just to down river side of the big tent at FALS (Finish Line and Registration Area), where boat builders have their individual tents. There, we had prototype of our new scull blade, with production tooling underway.

      We featured several products: Our Indoor Rowing Tanks with a new configuration option for sweep only customers and the new sculling blade shape for our aerodynamic, elliptical shaft. We began taking orders at the HOCR for January 2014 delivery our new EA and EAX sculling oars. For more information on all of our Aero Sculls, check out this link.

      We also had a new Indoor Rowing Tank Brochure there. Check it out online if you missed it.

      Also, we featured the Coffey Sculling SimulatOar™ in our booth. Please come and try it out. It is designed and built in the US and more accurately simulates the sculling stroke and were there to explain how both this and our Indoor Rowing Tank Products compliment one another. For more information Coffey SimulatOar™ check this link out.

      We also had an assortment of new demo sculls on sales at the HOCR. For details on our fall, HOCR Sweep and Scull Specials go to Oar Specials and Used Boat List.

      We had Used Boats on that list including the Rec-Racers in two sizes. We are going to be selling many of our older Rec-Racer in the coming months. For more information on the Rec-Racers see this link.

      We had our usual assortment of rowing accessories along with special of Pink Martinoli grips and OverGrip to donate a half of your purchase to the National Breast Cancer Foundation These will be on sale throughout the month.

    • Racing Results: Congratulations to Liz Trond and her 4- Winning at Jr. Worlds in Trakai, Lithuania. The US 4- consisting of Eliza Spillsbury, Galen Hughes, Sylvie Sallquist, Caroline Hart, came from behind to win a really close race. Germany, who beat them in the heat, lead the race through the 1000 meter mark. Then the USA four out powered both Germany and Italy to win the Gold in a time of 6:53.85, followed by Italy at at a time of 6:54.23 and Germany in 3rd place in a time of 6:54.23. The rest on the field was Poland 4th (6:59.24), New Zealand 5th (7:00.04), and China 6th (7:05.83).

      For the last three years the Jr. Womens's Sweep Team has used Dreher oars has won two gold medals, three silvers and a bronze medal. For more information on our sweep oars, see the: Dreher Sweep Oars link.

    • Announcement: Durham Boat Company was awarded two indoor rowing tank jobs during the month of March. One will be located at a prep school in the Philadelphia area and will be installed in June and the other will be installed at University in the Midwest in July. For more information on our indoor rowing tank product line, see our: Dreher Rowing Tank link. A 2013 Indoor Tank Brochure can be found on that page as well.

    • Summer Intern Position(s): We are accepting resumes for one or more summer interns to work in the shop making carbon composite parts and also getting a taste of working on design and/or process improvement engineering projects. For more information see: Job Posting dated January 14, 2013.

    • DBC Increase PV Generating Capacity: Durham Boat Company increased generating capacity by 38.2% (47 additional panels) at the end of 2012.

    • 2012 US Rowing Convention: Mike Sivigny is at US Rowing Convention in OK City. We have a booth there and Mike will be able to answer all your questions about Dreher Oars & Sculls, Dreher Rigging Components, Dreher Indoor Rowing Tanks and all of our other products.

    • Announcement: Durham Boat Company, Inc. had a booth at the HOCR Oct. 19-21, just to down river side of the big tent at FALS (Finish Line and Registration Area), where boat builders have their individual tents. There, we will unveil our newest sweep oar the, E-H and our designer Bob Dreher was there to answer questions that people had about the new designs as well as his previous design. At that time, We had just completed our production tooling and began taking orders at the HOCR for January delivery. We began updating our website on the technical data on our new E-H sweep oar, so keep an eye on our web site over the site for further updates. For more information on all of our Sweep Products, and to see how successful the Jr. Women's National Sweep Team has been with Dreher Oars over the last two years, press the sweep products link.

      We will also have an assortment on brand new sculls on sales at the HOCR as well as a sweep special on our Apex 52 and Apex 55 oar. For details on our fall, HOCR Sweep and Scull Specials go to Oar Specials and Used Boat List.

      We also have Used Boats on that list including the Rec-Racers in two sizes. We are going to be selling many of our older Rec-Racer in the coming months so that by next spring our club will have only have Rec-Racer that have been built in the last year. For more information on the Rec-Racers see this link.

      We will also have our usual assortment of rowing accessories along with a RP3 Rowing Simulator, if weather permits. We do have a several units left. So if you would like to pick up a unit at our booth, call to confirm your purchase by Friday before 5pm and save on shipping.

    • Announcement: Durham Boat Company, Inc. attended the Head of Housatonic. Thank you all for stopping by to chat with Mike Sivigny who had a booth there and also was able race as well. If you missed us there, come and visit our booth just down river from big tent at FALS in the boat builder's section.

    • Congratulations: To Connecticut College on the 20th year anniversary of their 16-Station Tank dedication! See pictures of the tank in 1992 and in 2012:

      For more information on the latest enhancements available on the Dreher Tanks, see the Dreher Indoor Rowing Facility Page.

    • Announcement: Durham, New Hampshire, USA - Durham Boat Company, Inc. announces Jean Harcourt has accepted the position of Manager - Inside Sales & Customer Service.

      Jean is a graduate of Cornell University where she majored in History and rowed on the crew. Upon graduation, she worked for us briefly prior to working at Barclays Bank in DE. She returned to Durham Boat Company after two years in the banking industry to become our leader in carbon parts layup. Jean also was one our DBC Sculling School coaches. After about 8 years in that capacity she got married and had three children. While raising her family, she was a part-time employee doing Office Support Activities.

      Prior to college, Jean rowed for the Durham Boat Club/Oyster River H.S. forfour years and in her junior year stroked the USA 4x at Junior Worlds in France. She won the 2x and 4+ events at Canadian Scholastics, NEIRA in the 4+, the Int. Women’s 4x at the Canadian Henley and numerous Jr. National Championships and also LW 4x event at Elite Nationals. She has also won the Youth 4+ (under 20 years old) at the HOCR twice.

      We are very happy to have Jean join our Sales and Marketing Team. She comes to the position with a thorough knowledge of our products and their functionality as well as how they are made. Her rowing, coaching and manufacturing experience will provide a valuable resource to our customers.

      Jean's interests outside of her family and rowing include: Nordic Skiing, Gardening, Birding, Baking and Reading.

    • Announcement: Durham, New Hampshire, USA - Durham Boat Company, Inc. announces that Michael Sivigny has joined the company as Americas Sales and Marketing Manager. A two-time Head of the Charles Men's Championship 1x Champion and 2nd place 2012 Olympic 1x Trials participant, Michael will use his rowing experience and extensive network to assist growing sales for Durham Boat's latest line of full carbon Dreher Aero E-H sculling and sweep oars. In addition to his 10-year General Manager role at CeTaQ Americas, he will use his prior engineering experience to further streamline Durham Boat Company's manufacturing operations; increasing efficiency, reducing cycle time and further enhancing product quality.

    • Announcement: The Durham Boat Company was featured on WMUR's Chronicle TV Magazine, Thursday, May 31 at 7PM. The segment is now available for all to see on the Chronicle web site.

      • New Products for 2012: The Durham Boat Company has several new products for 2012:

        Enhanced Rec-Racers: Durham Boat Company, Inc. is pleased to announce it is now manufacturing its Carbon Rec-Racers (Ultra Shells) in the USA. We are in production and are taking orders for the all-carbon Rec-Racers in two sizes. The hulls are being made in ME, while we make the Dreher Sculls and carbon rigging components in Durham, NH. The fit and finish has never been better. We offer our new Universal RXT foot plate and the personal snap-in shoes as an option. For more information see our web site: DBC Rec-Racers. Also if you want to see the new Rec-Racer in action go to the very bottom of this page and click the Facebook logo and you can view a video of Rec-Racer II.

        E-H Sculling Oar Design: This is our next generation of Aero oars. The E-H Sculling oar, with elliptical shape shaft and a new hydrodynamic blade shape is designed to improve speed both on both the recovery and during the initial part of the drive. The new hydrodynamic blade has been tested for two years. We elected to install it on our aerodynamic shaft that can be economically produced and also offered in the high modulus construction (i.e., called the E-HX). For more information see: Sculls Link: FAQ Facts on E-H Sculls as compared with the Aero and other oars.

        Foot Stretcher Design: We came out with the Universal RXT Shoe Plate: This is the Universal Rowing Cross Training Shoe Plate that will fit on many manufacturers boats. The shoe price depends on the stiffness, weight and comfort of the shoe selected, can used by a wide range of skilled rowers with the shoe plate economically priced. The key to this system is that the shoe does not stay with the boat. It is something that the rower chooses and can use on a daily basis for rowing or cross training. The shoe plate has a 10-degree toe-to-heel included angle to allow better power transmission throughout the drive. The shoe snaps into stainless steel spring clips mounted to each side of the shoe on the shoe plate which can be easily released, but are not intended for self-releasing from the boat and relies on the heel tie down per USRA and FISA regulations. The shoe plate is compatible with several models of commercially available shoes that allow for the attachment member that is added to the shoes, which in turn provides side mounting of the shoes to the shoe plate. The shoe performance is not adversely affected by the addition of this attachment member because it cannot be felt during rowing, walking or running, nor does it interfere with the bottom of the shoe in any way.

        See one of the lighter weight Adidas models that is compatible with The Universal RXT Shoe plate on a Dreher Carbon Foot Stretcher Frame.

        More information can be found on the Dreher Carbon Foot Stretchers Link.

        Oarlock Swivel Design: We came up with a new use for a swivel concept that dates backs to antiquity in the Greeks Triremes, where the Greek rowers rowed behind the pin to gain a mechanical advantage. We postulated that this type of swivel might work well to change the dynamics in the rowing tank to make the power application more like that which is experienced in a boat especially at the finish. We have also tried it in the boat and for some people depending how they row, have seen some advantage.

        The MVP or Modern Variable Power Swivel that allows handle acceleration toward the finish that occurs naturally in the boat due the boat acceleration from catch through release. This does not occur in a tank, however, due to much greater mass of water rotating at a constant speed. We have confirmed that this new swivel performs as intended by equipping it with Force Measurement sensors in the tank. This MVP Swivel goes along with other tank enhancements that came out in 2011 to improve the tank load and water circulation. For more information on the other enhancement can be found on the Dreher Indoor Rowing Facility Page.

      • 29 KW Solar Electric System Is Operational: The Durham Boat Company has installed a Photovoltaic system at its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Durham, NH. This is where our athlete powered indoor rowing tanks are designed and Dreher oars and other carbon parts are manufactured.

        Rowing is an environmentally friendly sport and inherently has a low carbon footprint so we are pleased to be in a position where we can minimize our carbon footprint through this power generation project from a renewable resource. This philosophy of sustainability is something that has guided us for years. We have always tried to make products that are designed to not only perform exceptionally well, but also last a long time. We control the entire process from the design to manufacturing and in most cases the final assembly here in the USA. Since we first started making oars we have autoclaved our oar shafts and in so doing get greater longevity from the product. We also compression mold our blades and many of the boat parts that we make. Both processes pack the carbon and promote better resin transfer under high pressure that results in long lasting parts high quality parts. The less often you have to replace your oars or other carbon parts that we make, the lower your environmental impact.

        We offer a couple of rowing products (both ours and others) as metaphors: Those of you that love rowing probably do not like an oversized motor on a coach boat or any motorized boat out on the water. We have all appreciated the quiet and economical four cycle engine and wakeless hulls of the latest coach boats and do not mind paying a little more because it will benefit the environment and will save money long turn.

        For indoor training, pumped tanks are incredibly expensive and have higher operating cost for the life of the tank and yet you do not get the proper drive simulation that our latest design indoor rowing system does for a fraction of the cost and it uses no energy resources other than those of the athletes!

        Our new PV system is a metaphor for the premium quality designs and products that we make and the thought and workmanship that goes into every Dreher designed product.

        See the picture of our PV system being turned on and please flip a switch in your mind and endorse Dreher designed products Made in the USA, products that will last, will in the end reduce your carbon footprint, just as our new PV system will reduce ours!

      • Joy of Sculling Conference: Durham Boat Company, Inc. had a booth there and be presenting at the Technology Corner. We gave a presentation on Coaching Tools and NPDs. Includes a general overview of rowing simulators with more specific details on indoor training tools that we use in our coaching. We gave a brief overview our latest new products with some video clips of them in action.

      • USRowing Convention: Durham Boat Company, Inc. attended the USRowing Convention with its new sculling oar, E-H oar design. We were there to explain our new tank enhancements applicable to existing and new tanks alike. We also had several other new products there as well.

      • USA Jr Women's 4-: Congratulations to Liz Trond and her Jr. women's four of Chandler Lally (Bryn Mawr, Pa.), Lucy Grinalds (Southport, Conn.) and Jessica Eiffert (Honeoye Falls, N.Y.) and Mia Croonquist (Vashon, Wash.) that won the gold at at Junior Worlds. See Row2k Jr. World Gallaries (Sat. PM Racing screen 7 and 8) for pictures of the four in action. Thanks to Liz for at least a picture of the oars used.

      • Durham Boat Club Member: Emily Boucher, U23 Trials winner in the LW women's single competed in Amsterdam on July 20, 2011. This was Emily's 2nd year at the U23 World Rowing Championships. In 2010, she 12th in the LW Women's 1x in Belarus.

      • Facebook page Published: Durham Boat Company published a Facebook page on March 20, 2011. Since Durham Boat Company tanks were used in the recent movie: "The Social Network", we thought it would be fitting to publish a Facebook page. The BU tanks, provided by Durham Boat Company, had a set built around them to make them to look like the Harvard tanks in the movie.

        • Installed an 8-Station indoor rowing tank in the UK: Durham Boat Company, Inc. completed the installation of an 8-station sweep and sculling tank at TURC in the northern part of the the UK on March 18, 2011. For more information on the our indoor rowing tank product line, see Dreher Indoor Rowing Facility Page.

    Dreher - Durham Boat Company, Inc.
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